Advantages of Using Silage Wrapping for Bales

Net-Wrap silage wraps are a type of moisture baling wrap that allows the drying of the soil before seed planting. The wrap allows for a higher permeability and higher water holding capacity than typical moistures. The dried film also allows the wrap to shrink and contract with varying temperatures during baling, thus allowing for more efficient baling. Baling with higher moisture levels has grown in popularity as it enables an earlier crop time even in dry climates without the normal rain damage.


The wrap will allow for an early crop date even in drier climates. The growing season can extend with an early crop date, and the plants can be ready for transplanting earlier. With the silage plastic wrap, the growing period can be shortened and the plants protected from the effects of weather. Some bales come pre-bled with the plastic film attached, but some growers prefer to add the plastic wrap at the bale assembly.


The silage wrap makes a beautiful and functional bale. The wrap can be decorated to match any landscape design and are normally double wrapped and tied at corners. They are then tied at the top and tied again at the bottom. Some bales can be tied three or four ways. It creates a unique shape, and the resulting tie-off is attractive and adds interest to the bales.


The use of the Net-Wrap silage wrap has been growing in popularity over the past decade. As a result, there have been many advancements in the design and materials used to create these wraps. The wrap comes in various colours, including green, purple, red and blue, and there’s a wide range of puncture resistance, sheath, wicking, stretch, and fibreglass. These factors all play a role in increasing the quality of the wrapping and its durability.


Net-Wrap silage wrap offers the advantages of using less hay and straw when compared to other types of wrapping. It saves money because less hay and straw are needed, which helps preserve and protect the bales from the elements. In addition, temperature and precipitation exposure is reduced because the temperature does not fluctuate as much in traditional haylage bales. Also, the silage wrap does not retain moisture.


The importance of sealing with an airtight seal cannot be overemphasized. A tight seal allows for long term storage and transportation of your products. The airtight seal ensures that your product will remain fresh and protected during transport. In addition, the seal helps to keep bacteria out of your bales. Also, if you purchase airtight baled silage bundles, they will last longer than loose bales. These benefits allow you to save money on your purchases of silage and bales.