Making Use of Silage Wrap & Cover

Even if you don’t buy the lay-out of a silage silo, you should know that there are all kinds of equipment used to do this type of feedlot beef cattle operation work. Here is a look at one of the most commonly used equipment components, the silage wrap & cover.


Silage can be prepared in many ways. It can be cut to large pieces or small sections for use as a ground ration, it can be pressed between two pieces of heavy-duty plastic and shaped to resemble grain, or it can be made into an aesthetically pleasing thin strip. However, the most common method of preparing silage is wrapping it around feed centres.


There are three types of silage wrap & cover that you can use to cover the silage so that it will retain its moisture and not become dry and brittle. These three types of silage covers are easy to apply on the silage from both the outside and the inside of the silage silo.


The first type of silage wrapper is the silage-to-cover saddle which is placed on top of the silage silo. These saddle straps are made from the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is a smooth based fabric, which absorbs moisture and keeps the silage covered. The heat from the silage silo is dispersed evenly across the silage with the highest temperatures on the surface of the silage. The silage wrap will stick to the fabric and make it more resistant to the heat of the silage silo and will keep it from being burned by the silage silo heat source.


The second type of silage wrap is the vegetable tar and cotton cloth for a silage wrap. They are placed around the silage with a cover applied to them, and they are pushed through a silage silo to cover the silage completely. This is the most straightforward method of adding moisture and also creating an aesthetic appeal on top of the silage.


The third type of silage wrap is the silage cover which is generally made from vinyl. There are unique vinyl covers that have a water repellent barrier and additional stitched sections that allow for some air to be allowed into the silage. The silage cover will prevent the silage from drying out and from becoming brittle while leaving a covering over the silage. These vinyl covers will allow some air to get through, which will help the silage to keep moisture in a while, allowing the silage to hold its shape.

Silage wraps are used by many beef farmers to enhance the beauty of their silage silos. They provide moisture management and prevent aging during the processing of the silage. Another aspect of these silage wraps is that they are more durable and will not break as quickly as some other silage covers. It is also easier to apply these silage covers than other silage covers which reduces the amount of time needed to wrap and cover the silage.


Silage wrap & cover is an excellent addition to any beef feedlot operation. It provides moisture management for the silage, protects the silage from the heat source of the silage silo and reduces the amount of wasted silage as well. These tools also help to bring the nutrients in the silage to the surface for feeding.