Oral Care and Overall Health

Taking care of your oral cavity goes beyond just retaining white and healthy teeth. It also does more than keeping your breath fresh or your mouth free from bacteria and cavities. Proper oral care also helps improve your body’s overall health status.


The mouth is where all of our food and drink intake enters first. It is the first contact of potentially dangerous elements that can enter our bodies in the form of unhealthy or unsafe food. This is why it’s essential to care for the oral cavity properly.


Studies reveal that some oral problems can be linked to other more severe conditions. Some scientists believe that poor dental health can increase the risk of developing other health problems such as heart diseases.


Experts recommend visiting your Royal – Park – Dental Port Adelaide dentist if you notice teeth or gum irregularities. For example, if you see blood when you spit in the sink while brushing, this could be a sign of a gum disease that can still be stopped from getting worse.


If you have a health condition that causes mouth sores, get advice from your Royal – Park – Dental Port Adelaide dentist. You will receive appropriate information on how you can reduce the pain that comes with mouth sores. You will also be advised on how you can manage oral ulcers and related conditions that come with other health issues.


Studies over the last few years also reveal that plaque build-up in the teeth can harden blood vessels and arteries. Scientists discovered that some bacteria causing gum diseases could be found in the arteries of people who experienced heart attacks and strokes.


Unhealthy or decayed teeth can also cause inflammation and infections. Bacteria can penetrate a decayed tooth, and this can lead to higher body temperatures, especially when the immune system begins fighting off bacteria.


Dental experts recommend brushing at least twice a day as well as regular flossing. These two are the primary home care tips you should exercise as a means of helping yourself make it a habit to take care of your oral health.


You should also visit your dentist regularly, especially if you have an existing gum or teeth problem that needs treatment. Your dental expert will give you advice on how to manage the condition and what types of food or activities you should avoid.


Dental health is crucial in preventing your body from developing other severe conditions. It is your responsibility to care for your oral cavity when you’re not in the dentist’s office. It is also your responsibility to be mindful of the food and beverages you consume for a healthier, more functional body.