Using StockinetteBags Pallet Freezer Spacer Drums

If you’re like most, your company probably uses a combination of both cold and hot storage spaces: pallets of materials and machinery. The problem is that these are often situated far apart, which makes it difficult to get any real work done. As well, many companies only have a few pallets, meaning that keeping them organized can be a challenge. This is where StockinetteBags pallet freezer spacers can come in handy. By increasing the space between shelves, you can free up the floor space and make it possible for workers to get their job done more quickly and efficiently.


There are two kinds of equipment that frequently see use in this type of environment: hdpeRs and skillets. HDPE and skillets both have metal channels running through their core, with a long piece of insulation between them. These are used, among other things, to trap the heat and moisture that is generated within the equipment itself. The problem with this is that they aren’t airtight, and this means that they let a lot of cold air out, reducing the productivity of the work that’s being performed.


If you need a way to increase the amount of cold air that gets in, then you can do so by fitting one of the many StockinetteBags pallet freezer spacers on the market. These plastic products are designed to either expand, or contract, depending on the needs of the application. By varying the distance that the frame sits, you can easily control the airflow, which helps to keep the heated or cooled air inside, or out. This ensures that the products that you’re storing are at their peak performance at all times, ensuring that you don’t waste your time or money. If you’re worried about wasting energy or hurting the environment by releasing harmful gasses into the air, then this is a great way to help.


If you already have an airtight lid on your freezer then you’ll know that it’s extremely difficult to open without creating some sort of a mess. If you’re not using any sort of ventilation, then this poses a huge problem when you’re trying to thaw out frozen goods, since there’s simply no way for the heated air to escape, resulting in a lot of moisture being left behind on the interior of the apparatus. You can help to solve this problem somewhat by using StockinetteBags pallet freezer spacers to prevent the heated air from escaping the sides of the device. This will ensure that the products remain at their optimum temperature, or within their maximum safe range, preventing them from turning bad.


There are a few different types of pallet freezer spacers available, with each one designed to work in a particular way. The most common ones will sit between the rotating blades and the outer plastic wrap, preventing any sort of entry or exit through the top. These are usually made from a strong, lightweight plastic material, such as PVC or similar, which prevents the material from being damaged when it comes into contact with the heating element. The outer plastic wrap is also something else that can be used, but needs to be done very quickly, as it can easily melt if the thawing process is going to occur for too long. Some of these devices actually use metal strips to stop any entry, although these can rust and wear away from exposure.


Alternatively, you may opt to use some hollow profiles to create the holes in the bottom of your freezer spacer. These are typically made from a thick, hollow plastic material, such as PVC or other similar, which prevents any heat loss through the plastic material. They are typically designed to sit flush against the outer edge of the rotating blades, and can either be secured to the outside of the device, or positioned inside. In order to use them, you need to cut small holes into the outer plastic material using a sharp cutter, before inserting the shaft into the plastic. The advantage of hollow profiles is that they offer a much tidier appearance than their plastic counterparts – although this is of little importance when trying to keep the overall device looking as clean and sanitary as possible. Both types of pallet freezer spacer are available from online retailers, and most are sold with assembly instructions.