Custom Orthotics In Adelaide

Are you looking for a source for custom orthotics for your lower or middle back? In that case, you should look no further than the experts at Custom Orthotics. Here in Australia, our orthotic specialists provide a wide variety of custom orthotics Adelaide and other therapeutic solutions to patients suffering from various conditions. So whether you have suffered a broken back, are suffering with leg pain, or have just developed painful feet, our expert therapists can help. Here’s how they do it.


As you might guess, custom orthotics can be anything from orthotic cushions to shoe inserts. No two patients are the same, so we make sure we make available the widest range of options so our clients can get the orthotics that are suitable for their condition. This might mean a little more work on your part if you have some special needs such as a particular type of arch or require custom made orthotics with extra features such as toe boxes, perches or finger spacers. For instance, if you have had surgery involving the fusion of tendons at the base of your toe, we can make sure your orthotics have been designed specifically to fit these areas. If you require special shoes to go with your custom orthotics, we can make sure they’re the right size and fit.


In addition to custom orthotics Adelaide, you may also be eligible for a number of treatments including Castor cushion technology. This is particularly helpful for people who suffer with a cast or partial tear of the tendons between their toes. The castor cushion contains moisture, which when absorbed by the skin helps to reduce the swelling. This is a common treatment for people with more severe injuries, but it’s also great for people who have just had surgery and would otherwise be difficult to treat using traditional techniques. If this is your case, we’ll advise you to contact us because our orthotics for Castor cushion technology are suitable for all clients in need regardless of their injury or level of foot involvement.


If you have recently broken a foot or are in the process of recovering from surgery, it’s likely you’ll need arthroscopic custom orthotics. Arthroscopic refers to surgery involving the bone and tissue that surround a joint. These are usually designed to take away excess pressure on the joint and therefore ease any pain that may be associated with it. For many people, simply walking can become an exercise in itself, requiring arch supports and custom orthotics Adelaide to assist with movement. If you have arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spurs, corns or other issues, we can recommend orthotic devices that will help you keep your foot moving throughout the day and night.


For people with extreme foot pain or after an accident, there is a solution called pediatric orthotics. This type of orthotic is used to treat specific problems within the foot, such as a bunion, hammertoes or flat foot. It is not designed for general wear but rather for a specialized purpose. If you need custom orthotics to deal with these particular issues, make sure they are designed specifically for a specific purpose. There are orthotic specialists in Adelaide that can look after these kinds of issues if necessary.