Why You Should Start Thinking About Ditching Those High Heel Shoes

Wherever you are in the world, it is no surprise to see women wearing high heels. Unfortunately, according to numerous studies, constant wearing of high heels has a significant adverse effect on the user’s foot. Thankfully, there is a popular alternative that both possesses style and will not leave you with aching feet at the end of the day which is Low Heel Shoes AU that is widely available in the market around the world. Here are essential reasons that will convince you to switch on this type of shoe.




  1. Wearing high heels may lead to recurring back pain.


Your body significantly relies on your feet as it is an essential foundation of your physical being. Wearing shoes that inappropriately supports them can create a lot of unnecessary pain which includes backaches. Slipping your feet to a high heel does not only contribute to poor posture, but it also adds pressure on your lower spine as well. By switching your four-inch heels to footwear with only 1- inch heel, no doubt, you will feel more comfortable and guaranteed that you are safe from any unfavourable pains. Thus, try it now and feel it yourself the difference between them.


  1. High heels could send the wrong signal.


Women wearing high heels are viewed as oozing with more sex appeal and can gain more attention from both men and women alike according to the research conducted in the year 2014. In fact, as the study continues, researchers found out that those women who drop a glove in high heels were more likely to take the attention by male species of the misplaced object by 93 percent in comparison to only 62 percent of the time for women who were wearing flats. But honestly, more attention is not something necessary and not what you need. Although high heels are known to elongate women’s legs, giving them a model-like illusion, we can’t deny that there are still some women who are conservative to show or flaunt their body. So if you are one of them, maybe it is time for you to reconsider wearing flats instead of high heels most especially if you don’t want to be seen as a sex symbol.


  1. Wearing high heels could create a divide in the workplace.


Ladies who are aspiring to climb to the top in their career should stick to Low Heel Shoes AU until they have reached their desired position most especially in male-saturated industries like tech as stated by recent studies. High heels significantly create a more significant divide between the men and women in the workplace and a full reminder of woman’s femininity. Thus, if you are planning to shop for your work wardrobe, it is crucial for you to remember to consider your footwear as well.