The Best Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Several suburbs in Adelaide are known for small but excellently-designed homes. Even in small land areas, designers and contractors can develop plans that will maximize the space available. If you’re in search for design ideas that will suit your small living room, check out Display Homes in Adelaide.


Experts recommend home display centres for homeowners who want to have a firsthand experience of the plans offered. There are representatives and experts on-site to answer your queries and provide details about a particular design that you are interested in.


Here are some of the best design ideas for small living rooms.


  1. Space-Saving Furniture


There are new pieces of furniture that offer space-saving features so you won’t feel as if the living room is crowded. Some of the items that can be transformed into space-savers are closets, folding sofas, chair-and-table sets, and pull-out sofa beds.


If you have specific space-saving ideas in mind, consult with your Display Homes in Adelaide expert. You can have them come up with a custom design that will exemplify your taste for the interiors of your house.


  1. Minimalism


As always, minimalism is the run-to theme of people who have limited space to move around. Bulky appliances and display are indeed an eye-catcher. However, these ideas won’t work for smaller areas. For now, it is best to stick with minimalist designs so you can still add a few items for aesthetic purposes.


  1. White Walls


Instead of painting your living room with dark hues, choose white. Home display experts always use lighter colours for small living rooms to make these rooms look more spacious than they are. Don’t add an accent wall since it will cut off the supposed “bigger” appearance of the space.


  1. Wall Art


Huge plants and lamps are pretty to look at. However, these ideas won’t work as effectively in small living room areas. Opt for wall art instead. Choose the most colourful art pieces to contrast with the white walls and minimalistic setup of your relaxation area.


  1. Smaller Sets


You’ve seen massive sofa sets in display homes, but these are made for spacious living rooms. There are manufacturers who create the same designs in smaller sizes to accommodate small rooms. Consult with your home display expert to get advice on where to purchase smaller sofa sets that mimic the look of those you’ve seen online or in the centre.


Small living rooms can still transform into comfortable and spacious-looking areas. If you’re not sure how to design your space, ask the experts! They will provide samples and blueprints that will suit your taste and home activities best.