What to Consider in Bathroom Renovations?

Bathroom renovations do not have to be costly endeavours. It is possible to do a simple bathroom remodel without breaking the bank. Many homeowners, faced with a lack of space, have turned to bathroom renovations to make their bathrooms larger, add functionality, or simply to improve the “look”. Interior designers advise that you generally budget around $18,000 – $20,000 for an entire bathroom renovation. It includes creating new fixtures, sinks, showers, toilets, faucets, and tub surrounds cabinets, and accessories.

bathroom renovations CanberraFlip and fix homes are particularly unique in this regard because they are primarily built as an independent residence, but features the very same basic layout as the traditional two and three-story houses. As such, you have fewer options when it comes to your bathroom renovation. For starters, it is virtually impossible to add a full bath. It leaves you with the possibility of purchasing a shower stall or a toilet. While a shower stall is an inexpensive alternative, it does not offer the same functionality and elegance as a toilet.

As mentioned above, in addition to installing new fixtures and utilities, bathroom renovations from Nu-Look Renovations require the installation of new toilets and sinks. Many homeowners go the “beef” route and hire a company to install a new toilet and sink together. It is not only the most expensive route, but also it is the most labour intensive. Unless you happen to have a contractor on your payroll, this may require hiring additional hands. Moreover, if the contractor does not supply the necessary plumbing equipment, you will need to provide your labour force to install the items. On the flip side, installing the items yourself can save a great deal of money, as well as requiring less physical effort than having someone else do the work.

Another aspect of Nu-Look Renovations bathroom renovation involves the replacement of existing plumbing. Often, people choose to replace old fixtures such as tubs and sinks for one of two reasons: either they want to upgrade to a more contemporary style; or complement the design theme of their home with a new bathroom fixture. While both of these reasons are valid, you must carefully consider the pros and cons of each option before you make any decisions.

If you opt for bathroom renovations Canberra utilising a newer style of sink or toilet, be prepared for a few changes. First, your new fixture should come with a higher price tag. However, many homeowners find this an excellent investment in upgrading their homes’ appearance and value. The reason for this is simple: as your plumbing system undergoes major modifications, old dated fixtures tend to break down more often. In addition, new fixtures are built to last much longer than older ones, which ensures that homeowners will save money in the long run.