Applications of Artificial Turf

Over the years, the use of synthetic grass has increased. Initially, people did not embrace the use of fake turf for many reasons. First, it was ‘natural’ – i.e. it did not look and feel like the real grass. Secondly, there were allergic claims from different people and many people feared using it. It was also not friendly to pets and children, and hence people were reluctant to use.



Last but not least, the fake lawn was very expensive, and only a few people could afford it. However, all these have changed, and today it is hard to differentiate real grass from fake turf. It is now refined, friendly and relatively affordable. But where can you use artificial turf?


Residential Use


The modern artificial grass has many uses. In a residential setting, you can use synthetic turf to solve many problems. For example, if it is hard or expensive for you to take care of a natural lawn, then synthetic grass is the solution. With a fake turf, you forget about lawn maintenance, for example, mowing, irrigation, weeding etc. An artificial lawn is maintenance free, and all you need is clean with a broom or a hosepipe when pets and kids ‘mess’ the grass. Besides using artificial turf in your lawn, you can as well use it indoors. For example, if you have a playroom for kids in your house, you can use synthetic grass carpet as it feels more natural than regular carpets, it is safe and easy to clean. Your children will have an outdoor feeling while being safe inside the house. Also, if your mansion is flat roofed, you can install artificial and have a friendly area for your family and friends.



Commercial Use


Many businesses today are going green as a way of keeping the environment clean and also attract more customers who are environmentally conscious. Therefore, if your business is yet to go green, you can start by installing artificial turf. For example, if you’re a restaurant business, you can use synthetic grass on your lawn and other outdoor spaces that have natural grass. Also, if you run a park where your clients can relax as they seep drinks and have fun, you can replace the natural grass with artificial grass which will not only save the environment but also cut on your bills. Other applications of artificial turf include but not limited to sports arenas and school playgrounds. The bottom line is knowing the intended use and then go for the right quality. You will surely get value for your money.