There’s More to Buying Kids’ Shoes Than Most Parents Realise

If you are unsure about how to purchase the right shoes for your kids, this article is right for you. We highlight below some tips to help you be confident in choosing the right shoe that fits your child’s foot properly. As a parent, we must understand that there is more about purchasing Comfy Kids shoes. You must read the rest of this article to eliminate your concerns on how to go about buying footwear for your kids.

Comfy Kids shoesFiguring Out When to Buy

Many parents fail to know when is the right time to buy a new pair of shoes for their kids. Thus, to ensure that their shoes still works on them, it’s a good idea to check them periodically. Keep an eye on particularly worn out areas or stressed seams. If ever the sides of the shoe are bulging or wear out more quickly compared to the rest of the shoes, then, it may not be wide enough. Another sign of improperly fitted shoes is the toes that bend upwards. No doubt, it is time to buy a new pair of shoes if both the heels and toes are already worn as well.

Buying Tips

The best time to shop for shoes is later in the afternoon or the evening. You can get the accurate size as the feet already swells over the day. Also, you may visit a store that specialises in children’s footwear, especially if your kid is not into shopping. The staffs working there know precisely how to deal with reluctant shoe shopper, which means they can help you with your child.

It is always best to avoid overspending. Although many cute and trendy shoes are available for kids, it is not ideal to be bought unless it is for a very special occasion. Take note that children tend to outgrow their shoes too quickly. So buying as many shoes without purpose doesn’t make sense.

When buying shoes, have your children’s feet measured.  What might seem comfortable to them for a minute can become uncomfortable after a day of playing. Also, have both feet measured as one foot is usually larger than the other. To accommodate both feet, choose the size that fits the larger one. Plus, don’t forget that feet should be measured while standing for more accuracy.

Canvas or leather is breathable materials that are best for your kids. It helps to keep your child’s feet cooler and dryer apart from being durable. No doubt, your child will be safe from getting blisters, discomfort and smelly shoes.

Lastly, it is also good to let your children choose what shoes they prefer. Once you found Comfy Kids shoes that fit their feet properly, let them choose a colour and design. After all, they will be the one who will wear it.