The Things Home Sellers Do before Premium Pre Purchase Inspections

When you’re looking to sell your house, you need to know that it’s in perfect condition to appeal to potential buyers. That means you need to make sure that it’s presentable and doesn’t feature any serious flaw that might discourage any buyer from wanting to acquire your home. That’s why you need premium pre-purchase inspections. With the help of an inspector, you can fix problems that you didn’t know your house had. However, getting a building inspection doesn’t mean you should neglect all the visible flaws that your homes have.

Building Inspections MelbourneBefore the Inspection

You must do everything you can to get your house in good condition before you put it up for sale. Don’t be discouraged if the inspection report will contain some negative statements. Inspectors make a note of everything they see, after all. Always bear in mind that a building inspection report isn’t a buyer’s wish-list. However, you’ll risk them withdrawing from the agreement once they discover that your home has some flaws that weren’t stated in the initial introduction. That’s why you must be prepared. But first, you should prepare for your building inspection. Here are the things you should do:

Clean your House

It sounds so simple, yet it’s one of the things that most people tend to overlook. A clean home is an indication of its maintenance. It also gives an excellent first impression of the inspector. Keep in mind that you want to gain the trust of the inspector so that they won’t be too meticulous with their inspection of your home.



Declutter Your House

The sight of a cluttered home is already an automatic ‘bad rating’ for the inspector. Any challenges that may prevent them from doing their job easily will add to the negative statements that they will mention on the building report. If you don’t want to deal with a lot of issues in the end, you should give them a convenient time inspecting your house. Declutter everything that may get in the inspector’s way. Make sure that they can move freely around your home.

Be on Time

If the inspector schedules an appointment with you for 9:00 AM, make sure you have the house cleaned by 8:30 AM. Don’t waste their time and they won’t waste yours.

Premium Pre Purchase inspections are quite tedious. But they are necessary. By following these tips, you will surely get a better rating and won’t have to do too much to impress your buyers.